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Impacta is a different place to build a career. Our team enjoy some difficult-to-find advantages: professional stability, complete flexibility regarding working hours, really challenging projects and warm and enriching atmosphere.

If you are already working, you are talented but you are not growing professionally, just request a position. Though we warn you: we are be also very demanding regarding creativity, quality and deadlines!
The responsabilities include the creativity of the project from scratch, the overall design and the supervision of the final graphic quality. He or she must have a high cultural profile, relevant experience, good knowledge of graphic software, university education and interests in the Internet, Design, Advertising, Fine Arts, Art History and/or Corporate Identity.
He or she develops and perfects the sketches created by the senior designer. He or she has a absolute command of graphic design tools, ideally including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and some knowledge of 3D, sound and video editing. He or she is very familiar with usable and efficient interface design.
He or she develops the CMS and the online applications required by the website. The senior programmer also lays out the design supplied by the graphic department for the public area; assists in the ActionScript implementation for advanced Flash movies; has a complete command of PHP+MySQL, JavaScript, and tableless layout technologies; and finally has at least some working knowledge of AJAX.
He or she assists the senior programmer with the website layout, and programs some specific parts of the online application. He has a complete command of PHP+MySQL and some working knowledge of ActionScript and JavaScript.
He or she knows very well the IT market and can provide a Grancanarian, Canarian and/or nationwide client portfolio to the Group. The senior salesman also helps detecting new necessities in the market and developing new promotional campaigns.
He or she opens new markets for the Group in previously designated areas and sectors. The main task is to get new clients that will be later served by a senior salesman or the firm's director. The junior salesman must be extrovert and an Internet/IT enthusiast, though he or she does not necessary enjoy a previous sales experience.