Impacta: website design company in Maspalomas | Playa del Inglés | Gran Canaria | Las Palmas.

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Before all, an academic centre should be a vibrant community. And its website, a window to its liveliness, intended for current students, parents and teachers, but also for future schoolmates. Exacta Web organizes all the daily information generated by the centre, and shows it in the most attractive way: excursions, parties, workshops, exams, menus, mailings, magazines, interview requests… Even a Parents Area with a qualifications archive, easily exportable from "Pincel" software. As an option, Exacta Web offers a 3D Virtual Visit and an integration with the leader e-learning platform: Moodle.

The published price of the standard package (including everything but the 3D Virtual Visit) is 1.000 €, but please ask about our latest specials, interest-free financing, and possible discounts.